ASSERTIVE Spring rideshare Accident Lawyer

Spring Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Imagine climbing into your rideshare driver’s vehicle, preparing to arrive at a work function on time and looking presentable. When you’ve made it into your seat and buckled your seatbelt, the driver merges into the regular traffic flow. According to the map system, you’re scheduled to reach the venue twenty minutes early, and there’s no need to rush. Feeling relaxed, you allow yourself to settle in and collect your thoughts. However, you notice your driver suddenly picking up speed. As you pitch forward in your seat, you also hear a crash and feel an impact.

When rideshare drivers and vehicles are involved in traffic accidents, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible. Additionally, complications due to the incident often include severe injuries, steep medical bills, and other economic losses. If you need help determining your next steps, the lawyers from Mott & Moffett can help you better understand your circumstances and strategize based on your needs. Our clients trust us to work with compassion and dedication in their favor, and we can do the same for you.

Who Is Responsible for a Rideshare Accident in Spring, Texas?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your rideshare accident, many parties may be responsible for your losses. Any of the following individuals may be partially or wholly liable for your damages:

  • Rideshare driver
  • Another driver
  • Distracting passenger
  • Disruptive pedestrian
  • City government
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturer
  • Rideshare company
  • Premises owner or renter

You may want to consider additional parties before taking legal action, as other present individuals may also hold responsibility. Further, more than one person may be held accountable for your losses. If you need help determining how many individuals and which parties are responsible, we recommend you work with a rideshare accident attorney in Spring. Your lawyer can help you in several ways throughout the legal process, allowing you to collect the compensation you deserve and require to recover.

What Compensation Can You Receive Following a Spring Rideshare Accident?

If you have been in a rideshare accident directly resulting in severe injuries, you are likely entitled to compensation for your losses. Qualifying damages may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Legal fees
  • Medical expenses, including
    • Hospital or emergency room bills
    • Ambulance service charges
    • Physical therapy payments
    • Future medical attention costs
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of wage-earning potential
  • Property damage
  • Wrongful death
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship or consortium

If you believe other damages should qualify for compensation, please feel free to speak with a rideshare accident lawyer. Your rideshare accident attorney will be able to help you identify other qualifying damages, maintain and maximize the value of your claims, and obtain the compensation you deserve.

How Are Rideshare Accidents Different From Car Crashes in Spring?

Rideshare accidents can vary significantly from general car and truck wrecks, which mainly relates to the possibility of a paid employee being involved. If a rideshare driver is present for the incident and is actively heading toward a rider or carrying passengers, this may require involvement from their employer. Common rideshare companies include Uber and Lyft, but other rideshare companies may hold liability if they are involved.

If a rideshare driver is involved in the incident but considered active based on the company’s guidelines, the accident may be similar to other car wrecks. However, an active rideshare driver may result in the activation of different insurance policies and liability. These policies can vary from company to company, so we recommend working with your lawyer directly for a more accurate estimate of insurance policy limits and other relevant information.

Do You Need Help From a Rideshare Accident Lawyer in Spring?

While no one is required to work with a lawyer during legal proceedings, retaining a rideshare accident lawyer poses minimal risks and a broad stroke of helpful resources. In particular, it’s essential to know that most rideshare accident lawyers must work on a contingency fee basis, meaning their clients are not required to pay unless they win the lawsuit. 

Additionally, victims of rideshare accidents are often able to receive compensation for legal fees, so they are not required to make significant payments. Victims often receive injuries and other losses due to the fault of another person, so working with the legal system makes the liable party more likely to be held accountable for their irresponsibility. 

Insurance companies make significant efforts to avoid paying victims the settlements they deserve. Therefore, we recommend you take legal action and work with a lawyer to receive the compensation you deserve. We suggest you refrain from representing yourself during the legal process whenever possible, as this helps you minimize risks associated with misrepresentation, including reduced compensation. Your attorney is far more likely to help you find valuable strategies and represent you fairly, bringing you the recovery you deserve.

Injuries From a Rideshare Accident in Spring, Texas? Get the Help You Need With Lawyers From Mott & Moffett

If you have been in a vehicle accident involving a rideshare driver, the experienced and dedicated lawyers with Mott & Moffett can help. We have access to resources, tools, and strategies that have proven helpful to our past clients, and we can also lend this support to your lawsuit.

Please get in touch with us if you want to discuss your claims, express any relevant concerns, and receive additional helpful information. By calling 888-596-6582 or completing our contact form, you can reach one of our knowledgeable legal team members. Whichever you prefer, we look forward to hearing from you and fighting for your claims.