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When you are seriously injured in an accident, your financial recovery will be impacted significantly by numerous factors, including medical bills, lost wages, the severity of your injury and the prognosis for your recovery.  The legal system provides recourse to hold the responsible party accountable for these physical and economic injuries.

At Mott & Moffett LLP, we will work with you to implement a legal strategy designed to obtain the maximum compensation available. We aggressively stand up for your rights and well-being through negotiation and litigation.

Providing Legal Guidance
From Start To Finish

The sooner you speak with an attorney, the greater impact we can have on the outcome of your case. We will provide detailed advice on how to make the strongest possible case. That includes careful attention to documenting the extent of your injury and secondary harms such as lost wages, by collecting and organizing all records of doctors’ visits and any other relevant paperwork. We will fully investigate your case and pursue the fullest recovery possible from all responsible parties, either through settlement or litigation.

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