ASSERTIVE Spring ATV Accident Lawyer

Spring ATV Accident Lawyer

Whenever we imagine riding ATVs, it’s easy to picture excited faces and beautiful nature around us. Maybe we imagine we will feel the rush of adrenaline and a wave of exhilaration due to the exciting adventures. But all this excitement doesn’t necessarily come without risk. While ATVs—or all-terrain vehicles—are constructed to make traveling off the smooth street safer and more manageable, they do not immediately remove all dangers and obstacles. In fact, the presence of certain safety features can make us act with less caution.

If another person drives their ATV recklessly, you and other parties may sustain severe injuries and damages. Although the accident is not your fault, you may face steep medical bills and additional costs. If you are in this predicament involving ATVs, the lawyers at Mott & Moffett can offer you valuable assistance. Our team dedicates itself to working toward the success of our clients, meaning we always aim to bring victims the compensation they deserve.

Who Is Responsible for ATV Accidents in Spring?

If you have been in an ATV accident, especially if the incident results in severe injuries, we recommend determining who is responsible. However, many parties may be liable for your injuries and other losses. When you are trying to decide who should be held accountable during legal action, we suggest you consider the following parties:

  • ATV driver
  • Distracting passenger
  • Pedestrians
  • Other drivers
  • City government
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturers
  • Premises owner or renter
  • Employees of the property

Other unnamed individuals may be at least partially responsible for your losses. In some cases, more than one party may need to be held liable for these damages. We recommend you work with an ATV accident lawyer to determine responsibility. Your attorney can help you rule out and include different parties, hold these individuals accountable, and avoid mistakes that may reduce your compensation.

What Compensation Can You Receive After a Spring ATV Accident?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your ATV accident, you are likely entitled to compensation for your losses. This compensatory value will be worth far more than an amount any insurance company will initially offer, so we recommend you avoid accepting these settlements. You may be able to receive compensation for any of the following damages, which may increase the overall value of your personal injury claims:

  • Legal fees
  • Medical costs, including:
    • Ambulance charges
    • Hospital or emergency room costs
    • Future medical payments
    • Physical therapy bills
  • Wrongful death
  • Property damage
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of wage-earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional damage
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Other damages may also qualify for compensation if the costs are directly related to the accident. If you need help determining what recovery you qualify for, we strongly suggest you work with an ATV accident attorney. Your ATV accident lawyer will be able to collect and assess any information related to your case, increase and maintain the value of your case, and obtain the compensatory value you need to recover.

Do You Need a Spring ATV Accident Lawyer?

If you have been in an ATV accident resulting in severe injuries, we strongly recommend you work with a Spring ATV accident lawyer. Whenever you are involved in legal endeavors, it is generally better to retain legal counsel to receive results in favor of your claims and perspective. Lawyers are far more likely to avoid the mistakes the layperson is likely to make in legal circumstances.

Contingency Fee Basis

While you may worry about the costs associated with Spring ATV accident lawyers, you must know that most ATV accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. “Contingency fees” mean you are only required to pay your lawyer if they win your case. Further, you will likely be able to receive compensation for legal fees in particular, meaning you won’t need to pay your legal counsel out of your pocket.


We recommend you work with an ATV accident lawyer to reduce risk, minimize stress, and streamline the legal process. We also suggest you speak with and retain an attorney as soon as possible if you want to improve your likelihood of success. Your ATV accident lawyer will benefit from having as much time as possible to work on your case, allowing them to collect and assess more evidence and build a stronger case in your favor.

Whenever you are involved in a legal case like this, we strongly recommend you refrain from representing yourself. If you represent yourself, you are far more likely to misrepresent yourself and your case and forfeit a portion of the recovery you would obtain otherwise. When you work with a lawyer, you are far more likely to avoid mistakes and receive adequate compensation.


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