What Not to Do After a Car Accident in Texas

Many of us rely on cars to get around, whether going to work, running errands, heading home, or visiting friends and family. However, while we drive around, we risk getting into a car accident, especially when other drivers are not being careful and choosing to drive recklessly in some way. This might mean they are speeding, ignoring traffic signs, or engaging with distractions that take their attention away from the road. Some of us know what steps to take after a car accident, but what actions should you actively avoid?

We recommend that you avoid speaking with the other parties involved in the accident, posting online, and just letting your injuries heal on their own. There are many other actions you should avoid, which we would be happy to explain to you if you have questions or want additional help. The car accident lawyers from Mott & Moffett have extensive legal experience and a track record of supporting victims in need. We can do the same for you, allowing you to focus on your recovery and maintain your financial stability.

What Should You Never Do After a Texas Car Accident?

While you manage a car accident claim, you should be made aware of the biggest mistakes you should avoid. We can walk you through the most common mistakes we see, teach you why they are so risky, and help you understand what to do instead.


In general, we recommend you avoid speaking with the other involved parties before you retain legal support. And if you cannot avoid talking with these individuals, stay away from apologizing in any way. An apology would imply that you are responsible for the incident, which will undoubtedly be used against you by opposing parties.

Instead of apologizing or speaking with the other parties, we recommend avoiding discussing your legal matters with anyone. The only exception to this rule is that you may benefit from speaking with a car accident lawyer, as you are owed additional privacy. Your attorney is unlikely to share anything you tell them, but what you share with others does not have the same protection.

Post Anything Online

We strongly recommend you avoid posting anything online during your legal matters, as comments, photos, videos, or text posts can all be used against you during proceedings. Even if the content you post is unrelated to the accident or your accounts are private, these pieces of online data could damage your case. Instead, we suggest you log out and deactivate your accounts until your case closes.

Assume Your Injuries Will Heal on Their Own

Never assume your car accident injuries will properly heal on their own. Instead, we recommend you seek medical help as early as you can. This can mitigate any parts of your bodily harm that will worsen over time. Additionally, your doctor can provide referrals to additional specialists, recommend treatment plans, and provide legal evidence through documentation.

How Else Can Your Lawyer Support You After a Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident, we strongly encourage you to speak with a lawyer for support. The team of attorneys at Mott & Moffett can provide several helpful services during challenging times by speaking on your behalf, doing paperwork, brainstorming strategies and next steps, and taking legal tasks off your plate. Altogether, this will allow you to focus on healing instead of forcing you to stress and worry about the outcome of your claim.

Please avoid representing yourself during your legal matters, as you may make mistakes that will affect the result of your case. Instead, working with one of our attorneys can ensure that we mitigate risks and maximize the compensation you qualify to collect. We suggest you speak with us as soon as possible to improve your odds of legal success even more.

Car Accident In Texas? Retain Support and Services From Mott & Moffett

Whenever you get into a car accident, you may feel pressure to handle the court system alone. This can be stressful, but the car accident lawyers from Mott & Moffett can make it easier. Our talented team serves victims and survivors in many areas around Texas, and we can support you during your claim, too.

We encourage you to connect with our team if you want legal assistance. Our team can answer your questions or schedule your free consultation when you first contact us. Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience by calling (888) 596-6582 or completing our contact form.


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