4 Ways Gaps in Treatment May Affect Your Injury Claim

We all know that following our doctor’s treatment plan is the best way to heal, whether injured, sick, or treating ongoing chronic issues. Generally speaking, this means that we need to complete physical therapy, rounds of medication, and follow other medically-related recommendations. But sometimes, staying on track with your treatment plans gets complicated, as these can be expensive or time-consuming. When most people already struggle with their regular routines and tasks, it’s not surprising that many of us tend to fall behind.

However, it’s vitally important to follow medical recommendations when involved in a personal injury case. Especially if you are in desperate need of financial help for medical bills and other losses, showing your intention to recover fully is essential. If you need help navigating this aspect of your claim, you can contact the personal injury lawyers at Mott & Moffett. Our team specializes in personal injury law, meaning we know how to help you navigate receiving medical care and managing your finances.

How Can Gaps in Treatment Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

If you have difficulty maintaining your treatment plans, knowing how this may impact your claims is essential.

Perceived Change in Intent to Heal

Often, the legal system will consider your intention to heal from injuries during personal injury cases. This means that if you receive medical attention as quickly as you can, maintain your treatment and care plans, and otherwise focus on your health, your version of events may be seen more favorably.

Appearing as if you have a strong intention to heal is essential for maintaining the value of your claims. This will also allow you to bring home the compensation you deserve, allowing you to prioritize your recovery more effectively.

Reduced Claim Value

Gaps in your treatment may also reduce the overall value of your claim. While this does not necessarily guarantee that your compensation amount will be significantly reduced, it dramatically increases the likelihood of lost recovery value. Working with a personal injury attorney may help you maintain the value of your claims.

Loss of Compensatory Damages

In line with potential reduced claim value, you may also risk losing the compensation you deserve when there are gaps in your treatment. Not following your treatment plan as closely as possible may make you look as if you are not taking your recovery seriously, and the legal system may treat your claims with less consideration.

Difficulty Proving Fault

You may have difficulty proving your version of events when you don’t follow your treatment plan closely. This is partially because doctor’s notes may help corroborate your point of view, but medical bills may also help you receive adequate compensation for your losses. Not taking your treatment seriously could make it difficult to prove the severity of your injuries and other damages. If you need more information, we recommend asking a personal injury lawyer for clarification.

What to Do if You Have Gaps in Treatment after a Personal Injury Incident

If you have difficulty keeping up with your treatment plans, whether because of time management or financial issues, we strongly suggest you speak with a personal injury lawyer for assistance. This will likely give you the flexibility to maintain your case, and your attorney may be able to offer a lien or other alternative payment method for your medical bills.

A lawyer’s assistance will make you far more likely to win your case as well as receive the compensation you need to recover. Your attorney will also help you maintain a better work-life balance, taking stressful steps and projects off your plate and completing them for you instead. This may include developing strategies, creating arguments in your favor, completing and filing paperwork, and much more. Please speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to maximize your likelihood of success.

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If you want to prioritize your recovery and well-being after an unfortunate incident, a personal injury lawyer from Mott & Moffett can help. We have access to numerous resources, strategies, and knowledge that may be valuable to your case. Our team may also help you find ways to manage your time and finances during this stressful time.

You can get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to discuss your claims. You can call us at 888-596-6582 or complete our contact form, whichever you prefer. Our team is patiently waiting to hear from you, and we are excited to help you move forward in the healing process.


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