Should trucking companies recruit more women?

The trucking industry needs a lot more drivers. Trials are underway to allow 18-year-olds to drive trucks interstate. Many fear this will lead to more crashes.

Yet there is one sector of the population who could probably fill those spaces far better than kids fresh out of high school. Currently, 93 % of truckers are men. Shifting the gender balance even slightly could make a massive difference.

Shortages in any industry lead to corner-cutting and pressuring existing workers to work when what they really want to do is rest. Both make crashes more likely. Women could fill those spots and help to increase safety.

Why don’t more women drive trucks?

It’s a complex issue and one that the Women in Trucking Foundation seek to change. Here are some of the things they highlight hindered female recruitment:

  • Truck cabs were traditionally designed for men: Modern cabs come with a lot more adjustments, making them more suitable for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Anyone driving a vehicle for hours each day needs to be comfortable to stay safe.
  • Trucking was seen as a man’s work: It certainly is not light work, but not all male drivers are built like an ox either. Women across a range of industries have proved sexist stereotypes wrong.

Some trucking bosses are waking up to the untapped potential of women. Even if you have no intention of ever driving a truck, it is good news as women tend to be more cautious behind the wheel than men. When trucks crash, they can do massive damage and understanding how to claim compensation becomes crucial for anyone injured.


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