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Does staying within trucker hours eliminate the chance of fatigue?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

If a truck crashes into you, fatigue is one of the things you should consider when looking for what factors contributed to the crash. Yet, what if the driver’s logbook shows they stayed within the legal limits for hours worked? Does that mean you have to rule fatigue out?

No. Over the last two years, the federal authorities have relaxed regulations surrounding truck driver hours of service. They did so under pressure from some trucking industry members who claimed that it was essential to keep the country supplied with stock.

Yet, not all members of the trucking community supported these measures. Some truckers’ unions spoke out to say it would increase the danger of truck crashes due to fatigue. Many road safety groups thought the same. Some in these two sectors clubbed together to challenge the decisions in court.

The maximum hours and distances that truckers can drive and the minimum amount of rest they must take between driving are essential to protect the truckers themselves and other road users. A truck can injure or kill a lot of people if its driver dozes off at the wheel, or makes a poor decision because they are too tired to think with clarity.

Work is not the only thing that can lead to tiredness

Truckers might not return to their home and family as much as most workers. Yet, they still face many of the same everyday problems. Any issue that has ever kept you up at night or left you feeling exhausted could also happen to a truck driver.

For example, worrying about a sick loved one or debts or being unable to sleep due to the neighbors throwing a party.

If a truck injures you in a crash, getting legal help will be crucial to understand all the factors that led to the crash. Only then can you claim the compensation you deserve.