Are external factors to blame in a truck crash?

If a truck driver crashes into you, they might tell you it was not their fault. They might even believe it was not their fault.

It’s not just truck drivers who sometimes think like that. Anyone who causes a crash might come out with excuses when you confront them.


It is easy to blame crashes on something “beyond my control.” Yet, taking account of external factors is part of the task.

Here are some popular things drivers blame:

  • The wind: Anyone that drives a truck knows how vulnerable their vehicle is to wind. People have been driving trucks for decades, so there is plenty of information out there about which spots on the road are prone to strong gusts. If a driver took their vehicle through a known danger spot when high winds were forecast, you need to question if they should have been there in the first place. There is always an alternative, safer route available.
  • Ice: Looking at the forecast and understanding where ice might lie is again crucial. A spot that held ice later than other areas last week and the year before is likely to do so again next time the temperatures drop. Anticipating these danger points and slowing down when ice is forecast is crucial to avoid a lethal skid.
  • Other drivers: It is much harder to predict what other drivers will do than to predict where the weather poses a risk. People can be extremely unpredictable and, at times, dumb. Yet, as professional drivers, truckers need to drive even more defensively than most because stopping their vehicles or making a maneuver to avoid something is far more difficult than in a car.

If a trucker crashes into you and blames an external factor, you still need to hold them responsible. Getting legal help to show they should have anticipated the hazard or driven with more caution can help you get the compensation you need.


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