3 ways to reduce the danger cars pose to pedestrians

You may have seen recent videos of people on foot trying to stop tanks with nothing but their bare hands. The reality is once a motor vehicle is moving, any pedestrian in its way is toast.

Pedestrian deaths have climbed almost 50% since 2009, which seems strange considering all the safety features modern cars come with. The problem is most of those features protect those inside the vehicles, not pedestrians they may hit.


Here are three options that could reduce pedestrian deaths on the roads:

  1. Design vehicles with pedestrian safety in mind: Pedestrian detections systems for cars exist, as does a host of other technology that could reduce the number of cars that hit pedestrians. Manufacturers also need to think carefully about the front end of their vehicles. Changing them from something that would plow through a bison to something that gives a child on foot a chance of surviving would make a massive difference.
  2. Prioritize pedestrians when designing roads: Many people drive their kids around because they are too scared to let them walk or cycle. People on foot appear to be an afterthought for many town planners and road designers. Giving them greater importance will reduce deaths and encourage more people to travel on foot or by bicycle. That would not only reduce the number of cars out there that could hit people, but it has considerable health benefits, financial benefits and environmental benefits.
  3. Slow vehicles down: The right to get somewhere quicker comes at a cost to life. Authorities can lower speed restrictions and do more to enforce them, especially where there are a lot of pedestrians.

Pedestrian crashes can leave anyone that survives needing extensive medical treatment. If it happens to you, seek legal help to claim full compensation.


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