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3 driver mistakes new motorcyclists should watch out for

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Car Accidents

Buying your first motorcycle can be an exciting time, but for those who love you, it may be a nerve-racking one. However sure you are that you will be safe, they may worry every time you hit the road.

While you can lose control of your motorcycle and fall off on an empty road, you are most likely to get hurt due to a drivers’ actions.

Sadly, most of those drivers are not motorcyclists, so they do not understand how dangerous their actions can be to you.

You need to learn to look out for your safety

Here are some common driver errors:

  • Open their door without checking: Anywhere cars park alongside the road is a potential risk zone. Driver and passengers are often in a hurry and fail to look in their mirrors before opening the door. It can even happen in the middle of the road, where a passenger takes advantage of the lights to hop out.
  • Misjudging your speed at intersections: Hopefully, when drivers decide to turn across the road, they will look in all directions. Yet, when they see a motorcycle coming, they often think there is time to make the turn because they do not realize how soon you will arrive.
  • Failing to notice you when changing lane: Assume you are invisible. Learn driver blind spots so you can avoid sitting in those areas. If you want to pass a car, try to look into the driver’s mirror to see if they are checking out for you or distracted.

If you have a motorcycle crash, the driver may well try to blame it on you. They might claim you were speeding, appeared from nowhere, or were invisible due to wearing black. Getting legal help will be crucial to show that they, not you, were at fault.