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What causes rollover crashes involving commercial trucks?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2021 | Trucking Accidents

The size of semitrucks directly contributes to the kind of crashes that these vehicles cause. Rollover crashes are among the most visually dramatic collisions that can occur.

Although they may only affect the commercial truck, they can sometimes also affect other nearby vehicles or property. When a truck driver loses control of their vehicle in a rollover crash, the outcome can be thousands of dollars in property damage and serious injuries to others on the road nearby.

What causes a commercial truck to roll over?

Extreme weather and fast turns can contribute to rollover crashes

The greater height of a commercial truck’s trailer can mean more wind resistance during inclement weather. Extreme winds or sudden gusts on an otherwise calm day could tip a trailer over and lead to an accident.

Wet or icy roads caused by weather can also increase the likelihood of a driver losing control of their truck. Still, truck rollovers also occur on beautiful, sunny days. A driver taking a curve too fast could cause a rollover, especially if their load is liquid.

Improper loading can also cause rollovers

Loading a commercial trailer is a science. It is crucial to properly balance the items of merchandise both front-to-back and side-to-side to prevent issues for the driver.

Those rushing to finish loading a trailer might make mistakes in where they place items. The same could be true someone new to a warehouse. A driver may not realize there’s an issue with how their trailer is loaded until it’s too late.

Understanding what causes some of the worst commercial trucking crashes can help you hold the responsible party accountable if you’re injured in a crash caused by a commercial truck rollover.