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Who knew? Listening to music behind the wheel can make someone a worse driver

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Car Accidents

Few things are as common as turning on the music while you’re driving. People have done this since the radio was invented and first installed in cars, and they do it today by streaming music from phones and other devices.

No matter how they get it, the truth is that many drivers listen to music every single time they drive. You may even be one of them. 

What is the problem with listening to music while driving?

While most people assume listening to music is fine because it’s so common, the truth is that it increases the risks on the road. It’s a serious problem that can lead directly to accidents. Studies have found that people who listen to music, and especially fast, up-tempo music, tend to:

  • Drive more dangerously
  • Jump more red lights
  • Get distracted by the music
  • Cause more accidents
  • Make more driving errors
  • Break the speed limit

Distraction can come into play just because someone loves the song. They may listen to the lyrics and sing along, paying more attention to the music than the road. At the same time, they may unconsciously be speeding up, and they may make more dangerous split-second decisions — like speeding up at a yellow light instead of slowing down. 

Have you been injured by a negligent driver?

With these drivers all around you each time you take to the road, you could get injured in an accident. You need to know how to seek financial compensation for your costs. They could include the medical bills for your treatment after the accident, lost wages when you cannot immediately return to work, and much more. The damage to your car is just the beginning.