What is the rate of trucking accidents in Texas?

There is little disagreement over the vital role the trucking industry fills in the country’s economy. Without tractor-trailers to deliver commercial goods, people would have limited access to products they rely on every day. Even some medical supplies are often made available by way of trucking, for example.

Unfortunately, having ready access to the products people need often comes at a high price. Trucking accidents happen a lot, leaving victims with catastrophic injuries and an urgent need for financial compensation. These accidents can also lead to death in many cases. Victims can call out negligence on the part of a trucker or a trucking company by pursuing a legal remedy. However, a long-term solution involves finding a way to reduce or eliminate these accidents.

How often do trucking accidents occur in Texas?

Despite its numerous flat roads and highways, the state sees far too many devastating trucking accidents. According to some reports, Texas leads the nation in fatal crashes involving semis, a record that residents would like to see fade into obscurity. Below are some other statistics about truck accidents in the state.

  • Texas consistently has more fatal trucking accidents each year than California, which has the second-highest rate of deadly crashes.
  • In 2018, a total of 664 people died in Texas due to crashes involving large commercial vehicles.
  • Of these fatalities, 60 were not in a vehicle when the accident occurred, indicating that bystanders can also suffer injury in a collision.

Until the nation finds a way to eliminate trucking accidents, victims will continue to suffer, as will their family members. In most cases, the only weapon these victims have in their arsenal is the law. When more victims solve their problems using the law, truckers and their employers may finally realize they have no choice but to play a part in reducing truck crashes.


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