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How much damage can a wreck with a truck cause?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Trucking Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents involving passenger automobiles and 18 wheelers are usually devastating. The injuries suffered in trucking accidents can range from relatively minor fractures to severe brain damage or spinal cord injuries.

The estimated expenses to victims are hard to quantify

In the immediate aftermath, victims of negligent truck accidents must typically undergo significant amounts of medical treatment to recover. However, the total damage victims can suffer in these accidents is hard to predict. For example, victims of severe spinal cord injury often need medical care for the rest of their lives. As you may expect, long-term health care requires massive amounts of money, even with insurance.

We chose to discuss the consequences of trucking accidents to urge our Houston, TX, neighbors to consider their options carefully after a crash. If you seem to be recovering and feel you can handle your medical expenses, a relapse or new symptoms could mean even more financial hardships. Our injury lawyers also encourage you to think about how pursuing a legal solution could protect others from suffering a similar fate. If a negligent truck driver or trucking company escapes justice, they could go on to harm others.

You don’t have to make all the decisions on your own

We know you have many decisions to make after suffering injuries in a trucking accident. Instead of making these choices alone, we feel it is wiser to seek guidance from an experienced law firm. Your lawyer can help by offering an objective yet compassionate viewpoint about your current circumstances as well as your future wellbeing.

Please, continue reviewing our website if you would like more information about your legal options in the wake of a serious trucking accident. You may also reach out to our team for personalized assistance.