Truck drivers shouldn’t be distracted, but they frequently are

It’s clear that truck drivers need to focus on safe driving when they’re on the job, and so they have regulations they must follow regarding phone use and distraction. In theory, they should never be distracted behind the wheel and they should not cause accidents. In reality, though, the risk is still very real. Drivers can and do break those regulations and cause serious crashes. 

Smartphones have made distracted driving a bigger issue than it ever was before. Most Americans understand this, with a full 80% saying that driving while using personal technology (like a phone) is dangerous. At the same time, though, 23% of people admitted to doing it

If your everyday driver is willing to take this risk, commercial drivers likely are as well. They spend far longer on the road, for one thing, and they often get paid based on the miles covered. This makes stopping to make a call or send a text very expensive. Will they risk it and keep driving so that they can get paid the entire time?

When workers in the United States were asked if they would use smartphones to communicate for things regarding their job while behind the wheel, 43% said that they would. This could mean calling a customer, for instance, or reading a text from a boss or supervisor. Some even sent or read emails. If this behavior extends to workers, one must remember that truck drivers are simply workers whose job is to be on the road at all hours of the day. 

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