Semitruck rollovers are a hazard for anyone on the road

Truckers must ensure that they’re taking proper precautions to prevent rollover accidents during a haul. While these are commonly associated with tankers, any semitruck can roll. More than 75% of these accidents are due to trucker error, and in around 90% of instances, the rollover isn’t the first safety-critical event that occurs. 

It’s often assumed that inexperienced truckers are the ones who cause rollovers. The truth is that around 66% of these accidents are caused by experienced drivers who have been behind the wheel of a big rig for at least a decade. 

There’s also a chance that there’s something wrong with the rig. In around 54% of cases studied by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there was a problem with the braking system. This is one reason why proper maintenance of these vehicles is important. 

Sometimes, the cargo that the trucker has is a contributing factor for these rollovers. The positioning of the load on or in the trailer can have an effect on whether it’s going to roll over or not. Load size is important, especially for truckers who are hauling liquids. 

Cargo tank rollovers are usually caused by partial loads. This is because those liquids can surge, or move from front to back, during braking or acceleration. They can also slosh, which means to move up and down the sides in a way that can affect the truck’s center of gravity.

Truckers should be especially careful with heir rigs if they’re going around curves. Truckers can combat this by making sure that they aren’t driving too fast for the current conditions. Taking extra time and moving slower can be beneficial. 

When a trucker’s rig rolls, there’s a chance that innocent people will be hurt. Victims should seek compensation for the damages they’ve suffered, and working closely with an attorney can help them to determine what steps to take next.


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