More coffee linked to more truck crashes

Many truck drivers love that cup of coffee, even if it just came from a truck stop and it’s not the high quality they could get elsewhere. It’s a warm, comforting beverage and it gives them something to do while driving across the country. On top of that, it helps to wake them up in the morning and keep them awake during those late-night drives. 

Unfortunately, it may also lead to more accidents. Studies have found that those who drink the most coffee tend to crash the most. The studies did not just look at coffee, either, but at energy drinks and other means of getting caffeine. 

Why is this true? There are a lot of potential factors to consider. For one thing, drinking and driving — even when not drinking alcohol — can be distracting. A driver who is tipping a coffee mug up in front of their face may not see another car, a change in road conditions or any other factor that could cause an accident. If that coffee spills, it’s an even greater distraction. 

Another part of it could be the literal caffeine crash. If drivers depend on caffeine to wake up or stay awake, they have to know that the drug is going to be processed out of their system. They can suddenly become very tired as it wears off. A driver who is staying up until the middle of the night may be driving when he’s too fatigued to drive safely, but the caffeine gives the illusion of feeling awake until it wears off. 

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