How truck drivers can reduce the risk of accidents

When you take your driving test, the instructor does their best to impress upon you the responsibility of getting behind the wheel. The bigger your vehicle, the greater responsibility you have.

Trucks dwarf other road users and can do far more damage than a car or pick-up due to the sheer size and weight. They have a higher chance of getting into an accident and a lower chance of avoiding one, thanks to their severe blind spots and the maneuverability of a lumbering wildebeest.

You only have to see the skill with which a trucker reverses their massive rig into a small loading bay to know that, on the whole, they are better than average drivers. Yet, like everyone, they can be prone to bouts of lousy driving, which can prove fatal for other road users. These are some of the things truckers should do, to drive at their best:

  • Get some sleep: A tired driver is a dangerous driver.
  • Work less: Financially, this may not be an option and truckers often work more than they should. Lack of rest can kill.
  • Slow down: Speeding trucks take longer to brake.
  • Concentrate: It only takes a second’s distraction to cause an accident.
  • Take care around the cones: Roadworks are a particularly dangerous part of any highway due to the sudden need to merge or change lanes. Trucks need more time and space to undertake these maneuvers.

When a truck crashes with another vehicle, the people in the smaller vehicle usually end up seriously injured or dead. If you or a loved one are injured by a truck, seek legal help to understand how you can claim compensation.


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