ASSERTIVE Baytown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Baytown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While motorcycle riding is a fun way to navigate Texas roads, riders lack the protections of other drivers, so it’s crucial to take all safety precautions. However, you may get into an accident on a motorcycle due to another person’s negligence. In these cases, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you hold the liable party accountable and achieve the justice you deserve. At Mott & Moffett, we handle every aspect of your Baytown claim so that you can focus on recovery.

We have provided trusted legal guidance to the Baytown area for many years, so you can trust us to manage your case with attention and care. Our compassionate car, truck, and motorcycle accident lawyers understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll motorcycle accidents can have on your life. We strive to help you achieve just compensation for your injuries, as we have for all our clients. With our reliable and transparent communication skills, you can understand the full scope of your case and have all your questions answered.

How to Protect Your Rights After a Baytown Motorcycle Accident

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming, but knowing the optimal steps to defend your rights can make it less stressful. Taking the following actions after an accident can significantly strengthen your claim:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Your top priority after an accident should be seeing a medical professional so that they can assess your injuries. Medical attention allows you to identify any serious issues that require treatment and creates a record of your injuries. This record demonstrates the existence of your injuries, their potential causes, and required treatment.

Gather Evidence

Collecting information after the accident is an effective way to prove fault and damages. You can take pictures of the scene and your injuries, write down witness information, and note the other driver’s license plate number and additional information. You can also document other observations about the scene, like the weather and traffic conditions to provide further insight into the cause of the accident.

Keep a Journal

Motorcycle injuries often impact several aspects of victims’ lives. Therefore, it’s important to take notes about how your injuries have affected your mental health and daily life. This information helps convey the non-economic damages the liable party’s action has caused, like pain, suffering, and emotional distress. 

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Having a professional and trustworthy motorcycle accident lawyer by your side is one of the most effective ways to achieve the compensation you deserve. We can help you avoid mistakes, build a strong claim, and fight for you every step of the way so that you can have the best chance of a fair settlement.

Potentially Liable Parties in Texas Motorcycle Accidents

Several factors can contribute to a motorcycle accident, making it difficult to identify a liable party. Our attentive lawyers can help you determine whose negligence caused the accident and hold them accountable. Depending on the details of your accident, the following parties may be responsible:

  • Another driver: Other drivers typically cause a motorcycle accident by speeding, failing to yield, and driving aggressively. If a driver’s careless actions caused the accident, they might be liable.
  • Manufacturer: Many motorcycle accidents occur from a defective part or other equipment. In these cases, the manufacturer may be responsible for the accident. 
  • Property owner or government agency: If a property owner or government agency fails to maintain their roads and clear them of debris, they may be liable for the accident.

Motorcycle accidents often occur quickly, so if you are unsure who or what caused the accident, we can help you gather evidence like video footage, witness testimony, and police reports to determine the at-fault party. Our capable motorcycle accident lawyers have the skills, knowledge, and experience to take on defendants like major companies and multiple liable parties to achieve a successful outcome. 

What Damages Can You Recover After a Motorcycle Accident in Texas?

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries in a motorcycle accident, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for your losses. Based on the severity of your injuries and the facts of your claim, you may recover the following costs:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Property damages
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of earning ability
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Punitive damages

Texas uses a modified comparative negligence system when awarding damages for motorcycle accident claims. Each party involved in the accident receives a percentage of the fault which gets deducted from each person’s damages. If someone is over 50% at fault, they cannot recover any costs. For example, if you are 15% at fault for the accident, your compensation gets reduced by 15%. 

Our knowledgeable lawyers understand insurance companies’ tactics to assign you an unfair fault percentage. Therefore, we fight tirelessly to present a solid claim and evidence to secure the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Trusted Baytown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Mott & Moffett to Discuss Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you have sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may not know how to file a claim and fight for your rights. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the process alone. Our dedicated motorcycle accident lawyers at Mott & Moffett are here to manage every aspect of your claim while you focus on healing. With our passionate legal team by your side, you can rest assured you are getting top-notch representation.

In our years of experience serving victims in the Baytown area, we have won millions of dollars for our clients. We take every motorcycle accident claim seriously and always strive for justice. Our caring attorneys understand the challenges of motorcycle accidents, so we do everything we can to make the legal experience as stress-free as possible. To schedule a free consultation, please call 888-596-6582 or fill out our contact form.