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Whenever we take a ride from a rideshare company, including Uber and Lyft, we often put significant effort into keeping ourselves and others safe on the road. For instance, this makes it much safer for intoxicated individuals to make it home without endangering themselves or others. Unfortunately, these companies’ drivers can still make mistakes and unsafe decisions. This means that car accidents and collisions are possible, even if an intoxicated passenger removes some dangers from the road.

Fault in rideshare accidents can be challenging to determine, as a company is involved in the collision. This doesn’t make everything different from your typical car accident, but it can affect the coverage and compensation aspects. Rideshare drivers can be liable when the companies are not, and multiple parties might be liable for injuries and damages. Percentages of fault can also affect what compensation you can receive as a victim or survivor. If you have questions about this process, you can give Mott & Moffett a call.

How Is Rideshare Accident Fault Calculated in Texas?

Rideshare accidents are different from car crashes from a legal perspective, as a company is involved in the proceedings. This can make navigating the legal process more difficult, as communicating with a company may be more complex than reaching out to a person unconnected to a larger entity.

Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies will declare different levels of involvement and liability based on the status of their hired driver. When a driver is on their way to pick up a rider, the company will be more likely to pay more compensation than when the driver is waiting for a request. Luckily, these companies will often cover significant costs you face while you’re in the car.

The car’s driver is more likely to be considered liable when they are not active in the rideshare app, meaning their personal vehicle coverage will be applied. Determining whether the driver was actively working for the rideshare company can also be a complicated aspect of this kind of case.

In Texas, liability is delegated based on the level of responsibility each involved party is perceived to carry. This means that more than one party can be liable for a victim’s losses. However, only individuals found less than 51% responsible can receive compensation for these damages. The percentage of fault also impacts the amount of recovery you can receive. If party A is hurt but found 40% liable, they can receive up to 60% of the compensatory value of their losses.

Steps to Take After a Rideshare Accident

After a rideshare accident, you may not know what steps and strategies to utilize. What you decide to do can impact how quickly the legal process moves forward, how much compensation you qualify to receive, and how much you can focus on your healing.

Seek Medical Attention

Following an accident, our Houston rideshare accident lawyers strongly encourage you to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is essential in prioritizing your overall health and healing. Your doctor can assess the circumstances, find latent injuries, recommend treatment plans, and refer additional medical practitioners whenever necessary.

Seeking medical attention will also help if you choose to take legal action, as any documentation can be used as evidence in your case. This includes doctor’s notes, medical history, bills, and other information your providers document. If you need help finding a good option for medical support, we encourage you to speak with a Houston rideshare accident lawyer. Your Houston rideshare accident attorney can give you a referral if you don’t know where to begin or are having difficulty moving through any roadblocks.

Log Out of Social Media

Even when posts and comments are not related to your legal matters, the court can gain access to anything you put online. This is even the case if your accounts are private. Other parties will do everything they can to use information against you, as this is how they can reduce the compensation you can collect. Because of this, our Houston rideshare accident lawyers recommend you log out of and deactivate any online accounts you might be tempted to use.

Speak With a Houston Rideshare Accident Lawyer

We encourage you to speak with a Houston rideshare accident lawyer for support during legal matters. A rideshare accident attorney can support you in many ways throughout the process, like speaking on your behalf, completing and filing any paperwork, providing helpful resources, and more.

Our team at Mott & Moffett can also help you win the compensation you deserve to receive. This can make it much easier to receive the financial support you need to focus on your recovery without negatively impacting your monetary situation. We encourage you to work with our team instead of representing yourself, as we can ensure you mitigate any mistakes and risks that might come with misrepresentation of your case.

Injured in Houston? Get Valuable Help From Mott & Moffett’s Rideshare Accident Lawyers

If you have received severe injuries in a rideshare accident, you don’t have to preoccupy yourself with managing legal matters alone. The Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare Accident lawyers from Mott & Moffett can support you while you focus on healing. Our team has a history of bringing clients the success they need, and we can do the same for survivors like you.

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