ASSERTIVE Cypress rear end collision Lawyers

Cypress rear end collision Lawyers

Rear-end car crashes are incredibly common, but that doesn’t mean there’s very little damage done after this kind of accident. In fact, you may face severe injuries and seemingly insurmountable medical bills following a rear-end car accident. Getting rear-ended can be startling, as we’re often subjected to another driver’s tailgating or speeding while driving cautiously and following the law. Who is generally responsible for a rear-end collision in Cypress, Texas? How much compensation can you receive after your accident?

If you have questions about your rear-end car collision, the rear end collision lawyers with Mott & Moffett can help. Our team proudly serves Cypress and other locations throughout Texas, meaning we can help clients and victims of all types with their legal needs. We have access to valuable information, resources, strategies, and other proven successful tools in the legal system. You can also gain this advantage when you work with us. Our clients trust us to support them fully throughout their legal matters, and we know we can also give you the assistance you need.

Who Is Responsible for a Rear-End Collision in Cypress, Texas?

Determining who is responsible for a rear-end collision is generally pretty straightforward, as they most often occur when the second driver is speeding, tailgating, or distracted. However, not all accidents will not necessarily be this cut and dry, so we should consider all options before moving forward. We encourage you to consider the following parties:

  • Another driver
  • Distracting passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Parts or vehicle manufacturers
  • Premises renters or owners
  • Employers
  • City government
  • Other present individuals

Often, the only way to receive adequate compensation is to determine who is liable for the incident and take legal action against them through a lawsuit. However, multiple parties can be responsible for your injuries and other damages. Because there may be further complications, we strongly encourage you to work with a qualified rear-end collision attorney. Your attorney can help you navigate the legal system more easily while holding the responsible parties accountable.

What Should You Do After a Rear-End Car Accident in Cypress?

After an accident resulting in injuries, we strongly recommend you consider our suggestions. Navigating the legal system alone can be risky and cumbersome, so our tips can make the process easier. These steps can help you reduce stress, receive adequate compensation, and hold the at-fault individuals accountable.

Seek Medical Attention

We encourage you to seek medical attention as quickly as possible after an accident, as speed is necessary to treat injuries and mitigate further damage to your body. Your doctors can also help you identify injury causes, identify latent issues, recommend treatment plans, and provide referrals to additional specialists. Doctor’s notes and medical bills can also help you receive the compensation you need during legal processes. If you need help identifying trustworthy medical practitioners, your rear end collision lawyer may be able to refer you.

Stay Off Social Media Platforms

If you want to improve your odds of success during legal matters, we strongly recommend you avoid using social media. Posting on social media platforms can be risky, as any information you share can be used against you. Even if you use privacy settings or don’t think your posts are related to your case, you are more likely to be at a disadvantage during legal proceedings if you use social media. 


We recommend you disable or log out of your accounts to avoid making posts or other related temptations. Many clients do this once we notify them of the potential risks. The court will always be able to request and gain access to your posts, so it is better to avoid posting altogether.

Work With a Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer in Cypress

If you are involved in legal matters, we encourage you to work with an attorney. Specifically, we suggest you work with a rear-end collision attorney following your accident. Your Cypress rear end collision lawyer can help you in many ways as you navigate the legal process, allowing you to focus on your recovery. They can lead or join investigations, collect and assess evidence, and build arguments on your behalf.


Most rear-end collision lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay your rear end collision attorney until you win your case. If you have concerns about lawyer-related expenses, you can likely collect compensation for legal fees and your other monetary losses. Due to all these advantages, we recommend you avoid representing yourself and allow your rear end collision lawyer to represent you fairly and favorably instead. This helps you avoid mistakes and mitigate other risks.

Rear-End Car Crash Injuries in Cypress? Mott & Moffett’s Lawyers Can Help You Get the Compensation You Need

If you face severe injuries after a rear-end car wreck, you don’t have to suffer alone. The rear-end car accident lawyers with Mott & Moffett have a proven track record of success for their clients, and we are happy to provide you with our fantastic services too. If you need help, we invite you to contact our compassionate team.

You can reach us when you complete our website’s contact form or call us at 888-596-6582, whichever you prefer. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to begin discussing the details of your case, gain access to helpful and tailored information, and reduce stress throughout the legal process. We are excited to begin working with you.