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If you suffer bodily harm due to another person’s actions, you may have several negative feelings about the circumstances. Significant stressors may also surround the situation, including costs related to medical care or repairs. You may also wonder who might be liable for your damages and losses. If you’re concerned about these circumstances and want to hold the liable party responsible for these losses, you don’t have to worry about managing legal matters alone. 

Many people may be responsible for your damages, as anyone who could have played a role should be considered. This could include any vehicle drivers, pedestrians, manufacturers, nearby premises or property owners, and others you might not initially seriously contemplate. Legal matters can be complex, but the Dallas, TX personal injury lawyers from Mott & Moffett can help and make an instrumental difference in your success. If you want to retain legal representation and support, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation today.

Who Is Responsible for Personal Injury Accidents?

In a personal injury case, many people might be responsible for the victim’s injuries and other expenses. We recommend you thoroughly consider and analyze all possibilities before ruling out any parties. Responsible individuals may include any of the following:

  • Drivers
  • Passengers
  • Pedestrians
  • Owner of the premises
  • Employees of the property
  • City or state government
  • Trucking companies
  • Designers or manufacturers of parts or other equipment

In short, anyone who may have influenced the outcome of these circumstances may be liable. There are also circumstances where more than one person is responsible, and all of these individuals should be held legally accountable for losses and suffering. For assistance managing this aspect of your case, we strongly recommend you work with a personal injury lawyer in Dallas, TX.

Steps to Take During a Personal Injury Claim

During a personal injury claim, you may not know what steps to follow to improve your odds of success and fair compensation. Mott & Moffett recommends you consider and follow our suggestions.

Seek Medical Care

We encourage you to visit a doctor or other medical facility as soon as possible, as your provider can help you in several ways. Your recovery is the highest priority, so please don’t wait to receive adequate care and attention. A doctor can assess the damage, find latent injuries, recommend treatment plans, and refer you to other specialists.

Getting medical attention can also help with the legal process and speed up your recovery. If you need help finding a trustworthy and experienced medical professional, the personal injury attorneys at Mott & Moffett can provide you with a referral.

Avoid Discussing Your Case

While you may find solace in discussing your legal matters with friends and family, we encourage you to refrain from doing so. Anything you share with others could be used against you during proceedings, even if you believe you are in a private and secure location. The only exception to this rule is speaking with your Dallas personal injury lawyer, as you are owed confidentiality to a greater degree within the attorney-client relationship.

We also suggest you avoid using social media. Log out of and deactivate your accounts to avoid any temptations to post online, as anything you say can be used against you in court. Even if comments or photos don’t feel related to your case, you may harm your ability to receive fair compensation. This is also the case if your accounts are private or encrypted.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, please speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you navigate the legal system in several ways, including communicating with insurance companies. Insurance providers will often try to give you less money than your case is worth, making it more difficult for you to maintain financial stability and heal quickly. Our legal team can ensure insurance companies take your case seriously and you receive fair payment for your losses.

Who Needs Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Whenever anyone is involved in legal matters, whether as the defendant or the plaintiff, we strongly recommend they work with a qualified attorney. A Dallas personal injury lawyer will have the skills and understanding necessary to help with your case involving severe bodily harm, and they will also help you hold the liable parties accountable. The attorneys from Mott & Moffett can help you in several ways, including speaking on your behalf, completing and filing paperwork, organizing or joining investigations, and establishing solid strategies and game plans with you.

We recommend you avoid representing yourself during legal matters whenever possible, as you may risk losing the compensation you qualify to receive. However, a Dallas personal injury lawyer is much more likely to avoid mistakes that could result in a reduced payment. By representing you fairly, your Dallas, TX personal injury attorney will be able to help you win back the funds you’ve lost and focus on your recovery. We can handle any of your personal injury legal tasks for you, so please get in touch with us if you need assistance.

Get Valuable Assistance From Mott & Moffett’s Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been in an accident resulting in serious injuries, you don’t have to hold the liable parties accountable alone. Instead, you can work with a personal injury lawyer who serves the Dallas area, reducing stress, focusing on healing, and relaxing. The attorneys at Mott & Moffett have extensive experience and dedication in bringing clients the compensation they need to recover. Victims and survivors trust us to work hard on their behalf and get them fantastic results, and we can do the same for you.

You can contact us for answers to your questions, clarity to any concerns, and to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys. Reach out to us by calling us at (888) 596-6582 or completing our contact form at your earliest convenience.