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3 costs to consider if a truck crash injures your spine

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

Injuries in a crash with a truck are likely to be more serious than in a crash with another car. It will not always be the case, but the vast mass and bulk of the 18-wheeler mean injuries tend to be catastrophic.

A life-changing spinal injury is one of the possibilities, and it will require considerably more compensation than most other injuries. Here is why.

You might not be able to walk again

Spinal damage can lead to paralysis. How much of your body still functions depends on the point and extent of damage to the spinal cord. You may need paid help to go to the shops or help with everything, starting with getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. None of this comes cheap.

You might not be able to work again

Some people with spinal damage hold down jobs. Yet they are often not doing the jobs they did before their injury. You may need to retrain and learn a new career. Or you may need expensive mechanical or technological assistance to allow you to do the job you did before.

You will spend a long time in the hospital or in rehab

When you break an arm, hospital staff encase it in plaster and send you home to rest. Spinal injuries are so delicate that even moving you requires a whole team of staff. You can expect to spend a long time in the hospital or rehab after the crash. You will also need to revisit frequently for therapy and further treatment. The bills will quickly add up.

Once you understand the extent to which a spinal injury will affect your life, you will understand the importance of getting help to seek full compensation